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Smart Speaker讓居家生活更智慧

淇譽電子科技(股)公司 Jazz Hipster Co.

專案摘要Executive Summary

致力於聲學技術研發的淇譽電子,推出新一代的智慧產品Smart Speaker,以聲學領域的核心結合智慧物聯網的技術,提供跨時代的革新產品。

Jazz Hipster dedicated in researching and developing acoustics technology launched Smart Speaker, a new generation of smart products that combines the core of acoustics with the IoT techs to provide innovative products cross era.




由於時代的演變,過去透過滑鼠鍵盤操作電腦,智慧手機的推出後演變為手持式裝置,透過手指完成各項操作,Smart Speaker 可完全解放雙手,透過語音辨識以及聲音的回饋,即可完成生活中所需的各項服務,舉凡家居物聯網的控制、天氣、新聞資訊、交通查詢、故事朗讀、行事曆、鬧鐘計時、音樂播放… 等,都可輕易的透過 Smart Speaker 完成,除了在家居生活帶來更便利的應用之外,也可應用在不同的生活場景,例如居家照護、遠距互動、線上購物、外送服務… 等,透過 Smart Speaker 發展的各項服務,智慧聲學融入生活之中,將可更加提升人們的生活品質。

With times evolution, computers were operated through mouses and keyboards in the past. After the introduction of a smart phone, the mobile devices evolved into a handheld device, so each operation could be completed with your fingers. The Smart Speaker completely liberated your hands and completed voice recognition and voice feedback. All the services you need in your life, such as control of home internet of things, weather, news, traffic inquiries, stories reading, calendar, alarm clock, music playback  etc. can easily be done via Smart Speaker, it not only brings more convenience to the life. also can be applied to different life scenes, such as home care, distance interaction, online shopping, delivery services etc., through the development of Smart Speaker services, smart acoustics can enhance people's life quality more by integrating acoustics into daily life.




淇譽電子 Smart Speaker 內建3”驅動單體,提供 15W 的輸出功率,加上360度的全音域環繞音效,是一款表現優異的多媒體產品,在智慧服務方面,提供了 Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant 方案, 開發中的Linux /Android 平臺更可提供無限空間的服務應用,未來將持續整合聲學技術核心,發展更多智慧產品,提供人們生活的大平臺。

Smart Speaker built-in 3 "drive unit, providing 15W of output power, coupled with 360-degree full range surround sound, is an outstanding multimedia products. In the smart services aspect, they provide Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Program, the development of the Linux / Android platform which can provide unlimited space services applications, and they will continue to integrate the core of acoustic technology in the future, and develop more smart products to provide people a more comfortable house living environment.



淇譽的總經理表示,推出智慧型音響(Smart Speaker)獲得歐洲客戶訂單,開始出貨,明年將有爆發性成長可期。淇譽電同步洽商本地的電信業者合作,將與神腦,遠傳攜手推出不同組合的產品,進軍華人市場。被視為淇譽電轉型重要產品的智慧型音響,第一批8,000台日前出貨歐洲的英國客戶,後續客戶洽商中,進一步拓展法國、德國的市場出貨量將更大,此產品並可應用於智慧家庭,使用領域頗為廣泛。


 Jazz Hipster general manager, said the launch of smart speakers (Smart Speaker) to obtain European customer orders, start shipping, there will be explosive growth next year.  Jazz Hipster electric synchronization of local telecom operators to negotiate cooperation with God brain, remote hand in hand to launch different combinations of products into the Chinese market. Is considered as an important product of  Jazz Hipster electrical transition intelligent audio, the first batch of 8,000 units shipped to Europe recently UK customers, follow-up customers negotiate to further expand the French, German market shipments will be greater, this product can be Applied to the wisdom of the family, the use of a wide range of areas.
Xu Furong attended the new generation of smart audio YUDEAN new product presentation will be interviewed after the meeting pointed out that the smart audio is the global trend of audio products, but also be optimistic about the star of tomorrow. To product differentiation, develop their own characteristics and models will be combined with different industries, the introduction of integrated applications, in Taiwan and Malaysia market-based own-brand, while the European market is ODM-based. The head of Marketing Department of Ki-Fat Electric said: "The models with Chinese and Taiwanese languages ​​will be launched later this year, with the first batch of 1,000 units to be set up for cooperation with telecom operators." More than 100 manufacturers Attendance, including those of the brain and other telecommunications operators are actively seeking cooperation opportunities.


關於淇譽電子科技(股)公司 Jazz Hipster Co.

Jazz Hipster has become the largest speaker manufacturer in Asia. By virtue of the professional R&D team, Jazz Hipster actively develops innovation and imports up to date techniques, to launch various sound technology in leading position to be in line with consumers all-round needs.
Jazz Hipster has launched new smart products recently, they combine the core in acoustics area and smart IoT techniques to provide the innovative cross era products. Besides being the house voice assistant, smart speakers are multi-media center with well-performance on acoustics, and after the cloud big data platform analysis, providing consumers the more convenient services. 

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