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盛達電業(股)公司 Billion Electric Co., Ltd

M100 提供24/7網路連結以及來回店面和總公司訊息傳遞加密防止數據遺失和客戶資訊洩漏。我們的多WAN解決方案( DSL和3G/4G LTE) 提供永遠連線的網路連結,支持永續的數據以及信用卡交易程序不論是有線和無線連結是否提供,以及VPN功能可以保障在全國地理位置分散的零售和連鎖店面交易資料的安全。我們的解決方案可以支持不同IPs 在不同地區以及不同信號強度的DSL和3G/4G LTE網路。

Billion M100 provides critical 24/7 internet connectivity and encrypted information transfer between stores and head office to prevent data loss and customer information leakage. Our multi-WAN solution (DSL and 3G/4G LTE) provide an always-on Internet connectivity supporting a seamless data and credit card transaction process regardless either the wireless or wired connection was unavailable, as well as VPN functionality to secure transaction data for geographically dispersed retail and chain stores throughout the country. Our solution can adapt with different IPs on both DSL and 3G/4G LTE network in various geography locations with strong signal strength. 

英屬開曼群島商錼創科技(股)公司台灣分公司 Playnitride Inc.

智慧零售 Smart retailing--『實境趣』FunnyRun App

精準行銷: 可在戶外或室內、甚至於不同樓層間, 針對位置、範圍、路線, 或者個人消費模式, 進行準確的訊息投遞。

Precision marketing:

Accurate message delivery for outdoor, indoor, or even floor-to-floor, contrary to location, range, route, or personal consumption patterns.

億光電子工業(股)公司 Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd

智慧燈泡 smart bulb


Everlight brand new smart bulbs series have high quality of illumination, and use the Heat radiation way so it has great radiation ability, also it can use smart phones to regulate(support both Android/iOS system) the light, color temperature, situation setting to satisfy different consumers demand and bring more convenient to their daily life.

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